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?The Development Trend of Domestic Pesticide Market in 2017 and the Countermeasures

2016/11/22 10:00:33      view:1294
Some experts predict that this years winter will be particularly cold, as the current pesticide market environment: 2016 pesticide market is basically a quick end, the market situation is bleak, seems to have not yet begun on the end. The market downturn has become a new normal, pesticide business owners into a confused, do not know what to do in 2017? Planning what products sell? What model can adapt to the future? What kind of people to survive the doldrums?

This year in the agricultural industry chain people are very bitter, as if what agricultural products do not make money, a few years ago popular: big field, co-operatives, this year there is a crisis in the 21st century gold mine in the Rural, but the gold rush of the road too far, too difficult to walk. Supply side reform in the pesticide industry is the first to change people, eliminate some non-professional players, the current difficult first in all: talent, choose the right people, go the right way, not afraid of far. Enterprise competition is ultimately the talent competition, if all the staff can use the primitive power, I think this enterprise will certainly not difficult.

Since the choice of pesticides, they will only wind and rain. There are poems and distant heart, forcing their own forward, can not be struggling to live. 2017 of the domestic pesticide market will be more difficult, difficult for the transformation of the enterprise is a good thing, you can bend overtaking, 991 can be difficult to get after the Scriptures. I feel the 2017 pesticide market will have the following major trends.

Trend 1: electric business fever, flying anti-fly is not high

Gradually cold agricultural power providers, this year the market to see electricity providers are not a good life, "net" things bear to learn how long it can persist, its more emboldened to see whos emboldened. Hainan Province, a number of draft pesticide management has been published on the Internet publicity: prohibit the purchase of pesticides from outside the Special Economic Zone. The draft law prohibits pesticide users from buying pesticides outside the SEZ and prohibits the purchase of pesticides from outside the SEZ through the online trading platform. At the same time, the postal administrative department is strengthened to supervise the pesticide circulation. From the government level has been banned agricultural power supply business in Hainan sales, agricultural electricity providers need to solve the difficult problem too many: after-sales service, technical support, logistics and distribution, changing farmers traditional medicine habits. Agricultural power supplier can focus on doing some remote areas, for those with relatively poor drug levels, fake more regional distribution of some genuine good pesticides, to seize some market initiative. You can martyrs in the footsteps of the Internet with the agricultural industry to guide the development of information technology.

Flying defense is the hottest industry in 2016 words, as if you do not buy a plane to play just do not follow the trend, and a few do anti-business executives and friends to chat, ask them how to do? , Two words: difficult to dry, three words: do not make money. The current UAV can play ordinary pesticides, there is no effect no one certainly has not so far that pesticide companies specializing in the production of anti-pharmacy agent, a little concept of anti-flying enterprises that add settling agent can solve the problem of efficacy, need Time verification. In fact, the most important question is: money-making model do not know what, more personnel, less flying hand, high cost, field crop pest intelligence time is that a few days, you can play the number of acres, there is the number of share . There is a flight of anti-operational staff to say the difficulties: there are orders ah, no aircraft ah, no flying hands ah, seemingly simple UAV, training a mature flying hand at least 5,000 acres to fly to skilled control Man-machine, the damage rate of the UAV is relatively low. To solve the anti-corporate profit model, to solve the time to focus on the aircraft, flying hand is not enough, the future of flying to take a good defense.

Trend II: pro-base, far credit sales

Planting the era of sovereignty, seize the base to have market share. But the risk of the base of many enterprises is the biggest test, Banana Banana market this year, more and more bosses on foot, many companies caught up. On the one hand is the reduction of the area of Banna banana, to the outside, on the other hand is the credit on the money owed to the now also do not come back. Some do agricultural financial enterprises to the end of the year to recover the loan is also worried about the industry. How to help grow a good management base, planting high-quality agricultural products, which is the current pain point, will grow large organizations, manage, set up the club, so that we find the organization, can rely on the development.

Trend 3, heavy value, light price

2016 is the price of pesticide market war years, even Bayer is also involved in, and cut the price of the product there are several. Product prices are much lower, labor costs rose a lot, a lot of thin profit margins, is the agricultural capital dry me, or I do agricultural ah. The price of the fake rampant is the price, the current real thing is the value of the times, there is no minimum, only a lower price war for large enterprises uncomfortable, small businesses can not survive, before the small business price is low, and Now is the price of large enterprises, so we go through the pesticide to farmers what the value? Can reduce the threat of pests and weeds on crops, can help farmers improve the quality of agricultural products, can help farmers increase production. The value of pesticides is to see what it contributes to what farmers bring. Blindly fight the price of the end result is to hurt farmers, damage themselves. I think only to provide more value to the farmers in order to create more value-added enterprises.

Trends 4, poly crops, cross-product

Pesticide market in recent years, there are two popular words: crop managers, crop whole solution. Can do not control, first shout out, the research of the crop at present domestic enterprises are still relatively less able to sink down to acquire 1-2 kinds of crops, a plant doctor. Individual thinking ahead of the enterprises in accordance with crop assessment of sub-regions, even crop acreage is not known, the study of crops is also in the oral. Focus on their own good crops to do intensive, the crop research through, combined with planting management, water and fertilizer management to do localization of product solutions. We also analyze the clerk to set the task in accordance with what to develop a more reasonable, why in accordance with the crop area to calculate the sea as large market share and grasp the market cake is growing year by year, experts predict that by 2020 the pesticide market reached 1000 Billion, but there is no share of 20% of the capacity of the company, the rigid needs of the agricultural capital market is more future, as long as you do a good job at home that tens of thousands of acres of cash crops market has a place. Such as the popularity of a local enterprise in Shanxi Yuncheng fruit trees do 50 million in sales. From the future to study the potential of crops, stimulate crop potential, gene expression better, through plant protection technology to control crop to help increase production, so there will be more market share.

The focus is to focus on crop planning can be entrusted to some of the products, the current pesticide market is not a lack of products, but the lack of peasant pain can solve the problem of the product, to speak their own good products, keep returning, farmers are looking for, Such products do not worry about selling. At present foreign companies through new compounds and good efficacy to control the farmers, so that foreign products in the economic crop area of the share of at least 30%. The future of your R & D investment decisions of your product forward-looking, and now most of the preparation company is not focused on R & D investment, and strong product to cultivate a larger crop area of the market.

Trend 5: understand technology, will serve

This year the word frequency of technical services is high, indicating that the industry is concerned about the pesticide is also a live technology, not the general people can play, and eliminate some non-technical non-professional players, I expected: pesticides will Medicine, it is possible to foreign models: medicine and medicine separation, the current plant protection experts and technical teachers are very popular, the industry is too lack of plant protection expert-style authoritative teacher, the three stations after the dissolution of China Plant Protection Technology Training and education of the responsibility of the burden of farmers to pick the enterprise, most of them survive even difficult circumstances, companies can not provoke this burden. How to plant protection technology to sell the same professional as the hospital, do not worry about selling products. To the hospital, you have to listen more obedient, there is no bargaining. If your plant protection hospital can do is skilled, farmers will not have credit, and will not bargain.

Technology will be a lot of pesticide companies Mishap, because most companies do not have an authoritative technical teacher, from marketing to technology marketing to change the needs of the time and thinking mode of change, if your mind is inside the crop , It will understand technology. I have educated me to promote the technology manager, if you do not know a crop, you plant a crop, from the first tube in place on what will be, the paper came to the end of shallow, technical knowledge in the field. Service is from the heart, from within the enterprise, first internal services, and then service external. In fact, an enterprise service quality is very simple: to play the service hotline, I have played more than 10 listed companies service hotline or plant protection hotline, or no answer, or no service at all, I do not know. Plant protection hotline can not solve the problem of plant protection, service hotline is not a common problem in the industry. Do not know if you have played the home appliance industry service hotline, that is called the service hotline, warm, caring, so you are satisfied. "Perception of demand beyond the satisfaction of" service concept to harsh to deal with "harsh", and constantly pesticide industry standards of services to a higher course of action.

The face of market difficulties and pain points I put forward a few immature response measures.

Measure 1: Power to find the driving force of enterprise growth

The first impetus is the boss of pesticide companies, most business owners can not find their own development momentum, do the older generation of self-feeling done a good job, do not want to toss, and some do not want to do the next generation of pesticides , And there is no struggle for power, and no power to no progress. Young entrepreneurial enterprises are facing the bottleneck of development. Power can be included channels of power and staff motivation to solve the channel to sell, will sell, are willing to sell the problem to solve the staff would like to do, will do, willing to dry. If the owner of agricultural enterprises can not solve the problem of unity of values, can not solve the penny model, enterprises will not be bigger. First of all, and the establishment of non-traditional channels of customer intelligence, but the professionalism of the customer, so that customers become community of interests, in fact, many companies will be dealers, retailers together to form a partnership company, the model is very good, Of the perfect. If the internal staff of the enterprise as their own business, the work of great motivation, enterprises will continue to develop. In fact, the joint dealers, retailers, employees move together, there is continued momentum, will be based on future competition.

Measures two: learning ability

Learning the way of life is the most fundamental strain of the road. A learning organization can survive in the current difficult times, to strengthen the internal learning, education, distributors, retailers, so that they fall in love with the study, learning, Learn. I have asked the green industry yuan Fan: your biggest hobby is what? His answer is: learning. Boss fell in love with learning, business is learning organization. Education represents the past, academic power represents the viability of the future. Win in learning, wins in change.

Three measures: to integrate the ability of others

Or become a listed company, or a subsidiary of listed companies, integration will be the industrys future trend, you have much integration capacity, how much market share will be achieved, as has the beer industry, the tobacco industry, and now the remaining few Giant. Syngenta is also looking forward to become Chinas state-owned enterprises, but also hope that the integration of the faster points, the industry clean, and the days will flies comfortable. Core competence is not integrated, there is no core competence is not integrated, it must have its own core competencies. Through focusing and borrowing thinking, and strengthen their own best at the field, through the integration of collaborative resources to make up their own shortcomings and weaknesses. In fact, force can also be understood as: Baotuan heating, combined with the power to resist risks. I think the pesticide market tomorrow must be a revolution in the concept and way of thinking.

Prehistoric, referring to the state of chaos and ignorance, the current pesticide market seems to enter the prehistoric era, the power of the legendary primitive can change the world, hope that each pesticide companies have a primitive power to change their business, build strategic minds, master the winning Trump card, the three synergies with the wind leveraging, personalized survival. I would like to not only with others, "grab market" in order to not afraid of others, "grab the market" to find their own market is suitable for the best market. The future is different alive, the future is beautiful!