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?Domestic pesticide accident in the end who is the responsibility?

2016/11/22 9:43:47      view:1279
Talking about the topic of safe use of drugs, domestic pesticide companies are not unfamiliar, many companies in foreign propaganda often said: "In recent years, enterprises do how many free seminars, how many farmers benefit ... ..." For these enterprises to Speaking, the training of farmers seem to always lose money to make a profit trading, business is the love affair, if not, is the sub. However, not long ago, in a public welfare farmers safe drug training meeting, a foreign staff given "to help farmers is to help companies themselves" point of view so that the guests are refreshing the scene.

The same thing, some people as a "baggage", another person said to be "savior." The author believes that it is precisely because of the different situation, only to draw a very different conclusion. Slightly common sense of people know that the difficulty of developing new pesticides is growing, known to research and development of foreign companies do not want to see their hard years, of course, spend a lot of money to develop new drugs, due to blind use of farmers, resulting in increased resistance, Greatly reducing its service life. Therefore, "to help farmers is to help their own" voice is not the foreign staff singing in the hymn, but after its many encounters from the heart of introspection. For some of the day just waiting for free to get out of patent technology companies, in the recommendation of farmers to increase the amount of medication, and more to sell the product before the pursuit of profit, training farmers naturally be considered a trivial matter.

In recent years, the occurrence of many domestic pesticide accidents and farmers with a number of improper use of a direct relationship. Part of the farmers stick to their own experience and medication habits for pest control, can not reasonably safe use of pesticides is more common. Bitter experience, the good news in the industry gradually formed a "high technical requirements for the use of pesticides, farmers need to continue to learn" consensus. Government departments will also do a good job of safe pesticide training, master the skills of scientific medicine, etc. work gradually into their own work

Pesticide use is the pesticide industry chain in the last ring, is also a key link. But I believe that the responsibility can not be entirely pushed on the farmers who improve the effectiveness of pesticide application to avoid similar tragedies, pesticide companies have to do the work of the relevant training responsibilities. Because the level of pesticide use, the safety of pesticide use is not only directly related to the control of crop diseases and insect pests and pesticides and the physical health of workers, but also related to the quality and safety of agricultural products as a whole, the pesticide industry how to achieve sustainable development Personal needs.